Yorozuya RPG
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icon Adventure of a boy aiming for a legendary merchant.
Let's find recipes on bookshelves, etc. and create various items.
Let's gather items that are falling in the field or dropped by monsters.
Let's running your own shop and receive requests of purchase.
In addition, Let's save the world.


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  • Let's get the money by selling items that is dropped by enemies.
  • Items that are falling on fields can be picked up again as time passes.
  • Let's learn recipes on bookshelves.
  • Let's talk to the old legendary merchant when in trouble.
  • Even if you use warp magic, your ship does not follow you. Please return to the place of the ship with warp magic.
Note: We recommend that you save to the net from time to time in case you have lost the local save data.

Description of status name:

MHPMaximum HPCan't fight if it is 0.
MMPMaximum MPCan't use the magic if it is 0.
ATKAttack powerIt affects damage to enemies by physical attack.
DEFDefense powerIt affects defense against enemy's physical attack.
AGLAgilityIt affects the order of action and the number of actions may increase.
MGCSorceryIt affects magic attack.
SPRSpiritIt affects magic defense.

Description of abnormal state:

sick1PoisonedPoEvery turn damage.
sick2AsleepAsCan't act until wake up.
sick3SilencedSiCan't use magic.
sick4BlindedBlWeapon attack often fails.
sick5ConfusedCoUse tools or escape meaninglessly.
sick6ReflectedReReflect off the magic.
sick7ShockedShCan't act. (only 1 turn)
sick8BerserkBeAttack the allies.

Supplementary explanation of the battle command:

AutoMake that character automatically act only that turn.
AttackMake that character attack only that turn.

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