Yorozuya RPG Item's list
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Name Recipe Field Main drop
Slime Drop Petit slime
Cube slime
Float slime
Slime Skin Petit slime
Cube slime
Float slime
Nanika Flower Cliff Path
Bat Wings Bad bat
Bat Claws Bad bat
Bat Fangs Bad bat
Bat earl
Lizard Tail Poison lizard
Ice lizard
Sometimes get when it escape.
Charring Lizard Poison lizard
Sometimes get it with a flame.
Light Coral Mystery Waters Electric squid
Iron ore Mountain Trail Rock goblin
Vocano Monolith
Golden sand Desert Evil starfish
Mystery Waters
Old cloth Devil rat
Forest warrior
Burning bandage
Sharp bone Skull knight
Beast meat Devil rat
Evil monkey
Desert lion
Magical crystal Smoke ax
Gas cloud
Sometimes get it with a Ice
Beast fang Desert lion
Magical anti-slip Umibe Tower B1F
Rainbow Drop Devil snail
Cactus roper
Electric squid
Hard shell Devil snail
Scorpion lady
Empty box Mimic grass
Cube slime
Mimic boy
Vine Mimic grass
World Tree Chips Logger House Mimic grass
Strange feather Forest Road Fire cockatrice
Mystery Waters
Moon shellfish South Way Evil sea anemone
Mystery Waters
Rare Pebble South Way Wing stone
Mystery Waters
Holy water Moon Castle Mystery Waters
Rainbow cloth Moon Castle 2F Burning bandage
Assault mermaid
Light stone Wing stone
Angel Feather Strike angel
Wing stone
Feather knight
Gold grain Strike angel
Gale Wing Beelzebab
Cactus spines Desert Cactus roper
Strange sand Desert Evil starfish
Mystery Waters
Old copper coin Mimic boy
Eerie huge pot
Gold piece Pirate Island Mystery Waters
Gold bullion Pirate Island
Devil Scale Naga
Ax crocodile
Beast Horn Reindeer knight
Beast Leather Reindeer knight
Ice horse
Fire horse
Grilled meat Moon Castle 2F
Frozen meat Moon Castle 2F
Assort of meat Moon Castle 2F
Beast Stuffing Pirate Island
Old silver coin Snowstormer
Rock devil
Battle ox
Old gold coin Goat devil
Dark priest
Spear knight
Strange Spark Vocano Fire spirit
Sun fire
Sometimes get it with a flame.
Mythril ore Vocano Wing stone
Rock devil
Devildom charcoal Fire cockatrice
Volcano sorceror
Lava devil
Burning residue Fire cockatrice
Fire spirit
Sun fire
Life Orb Monster Road
Magical Orb Monster Road
Power Orb Lonely Soldier
Guard Orb Monster Road
Speed Orb Monster Road
Sorcery Orb Monster Road
Spirit Orb Monster Road
Red Stone Reward of subdue
Blue Stone Reward of subdue
Yellow Stone Reward of subdue
Purple Stone Castle Town
Orange Stone Castle Town
Green Stone Castle Town
White Stone Castle Town
Black Stone Castle Town
Stardust Evil starfish
Ice Crystal Ice lizard
Ice horse
Penguin knight
Sometimes get it with a Ice
Alchemy Element Note: "Item Shop" in "Castle Town" sell it.
Vampire Claw Akins Town
Stone Sword Skull knight
Forest warrior
Stone Lance Reindeer knight
Stone Axe Smoke ax
Stone Bow Piggyback goblins
Saber Naga
Battle Axe Dark soldier
Iron Sword Sancho Village Ice spirit
Penguin knight
Iron Lance Sancho Village Reindeer knight
Iron Axe Sancho Village
Iron Bow Sancho Village Piggyback goblins
Iron staff Sancho Village
Iron Claw Sancho Village
Big Hammer Strike angel
Rapier Feather knight
Falcon Sword Umibe Tower 5F
Poison Needle Scorpion lady
Oak Rod Sholder rider
Steel Sword Akins Town Assault mermaid
Steel Lance Akins Town
Steel Axe Akins Town Ax crocodile
Steel Bow Akins Town
Steel Staff Akins Town
Steel Claw Akins Town
Spirit Sword Ice spirit
Thorn Whip Moon Castle B1F
Iron Whip Moon Castle B1F
Steel Whip Moon Castle B1F
Beast Knuckle Devil Town
Magical Lance Devil Town
Mithril Sword Vocano
Mithril Lance Vocano
Mithril Axe Vocano
Mithril Bow Vocano
Mithril Staff Vocano
Mithril Claw Vocano
Mithril Whip Vocano
Devil Seal Sword Castle Town
Kusanagi's Sword Castle Town
Excalibur Castle Town
Glacos Spear Castle Town
Odin's Spear Castle Town
Demon Axe Castle Town
Thor's Axe Castle Town
Doria's Bow Castle Town
Shiden's Bow Castle Town
Artemis Bow Castle Town
Dark Mage Rod Castle Town
Wise man Rod Castle Town
Cion's Rod Castle Town
Deadly Claw Castle Town
Falcon Claw Castle Town
God Beast Claw Castle Town
Poison Rose Whip Castle Town
Meteor Whip Castle Town
Queen Whip Castle Town
Slime Hat Akins Town
Leather Hat Skull knight
Leather Shield Skull knight
Forest warrior
Scale Shield Penguin knight
Turban Burning bandage
Pirate Clothes Desert Ruins
Blue Cloths Rock goblin
Wristband Rock goblin
Iron Helmet Curse armor
Iron Armor Curse armor
Iron Shield Reindeer knight
Wood Mask Forest warrior
Forest sorceror
Stone necklace Forest sorceror
Ruins sorceror
Gold necklace Forest sorceror
Ruins sorceror
Magical necklace Moon Castle
Bone Armor Moon Castle
Holy mask Moon Castle
Rainbow Robe Moon Castle
Feather hat Feather knight
Evasion Clothes Feather knight
Float Hat Umibe Tower 5F
Light Mask Umibe Tower 5F
Light Amulet Umibe Tower 2F
Cloth Cloak Sholder rider
Gold Crown Sholder rider
Cloth Robe Ruins sorceror
Steel Helmet Akins Town
Steel Armor Akins Town
Steel Shield Akins Town
Pirate Hat Desert Ruins
Magical Shield Devil Town
Magical Suit Devil Town
Headband Logger House
Battle Suit Logger House
Mithril Helmet Vocano
Mithril Armor Vocano
Mithril Shield Vocano
Life Stone Castle Town
Magical Stone Castle Town
Power Stone Castle Town
Guard Stone Castle Town
Speed Stone Castle Town
Sorcery Stone Castle Town
Spirit Stone Castle Town
Ice Helmet Castle Town
Flame Helmet Castle Town
Xuanwu Helmet Castle Town
Mind eyes Hood Castle Town
Anti-shock Hood Castle Town
Detox Hood Castle Town
Hero Crown Castle Town
Champion Crown Castle Town
Glory Crown Castle Town
Light Armor Castle Town
Magical Armor Castle Town
Genji's Armor Castle Town
Gale Suits Castle Town
Earth Suits Castle Town
Demon Suits Castle Town
Darkness Robe Castle Town
Priest Robe Castle Town
Saint Robe Castle Town
Knight Shield Castle Town
Aegis Shield Castle Town
Mirror Shield Castle Town
Dodge Shield Castle Town
Iron Arm Guard Castle Town
Antidotal Herb Rock goblin
Fireball Volcano sorceror
Lava devil
Enhancer Umibe Village
Forget Potion Seal Temple 4F
Poison Drop Poison lizard
Elixir Akins Town
After the boss
Phoenix Egg Seal Temple
Cures Grass Akins Town
After the boss
Elixir Herb Akins Town
After the boss
MP Potion Umibe Tower 3F
Heal Potion Akins Town Scorpion lady
Heal Antidote Akins Town
Iceball Ice spirit
Ice horse
Penguin knight
Tree fruit Evil monkey
Evil boss ape
Warp Card 2 Forest Burrow
Panacea Castle Town
Lunch box Moon Castle 2F
Sedative Seal Temple
Reflector Seal Temple 4F
Devildom cologne Seal Temple
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