Tenmillion ZERO
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icon The stage is a magical fantasy world. The power balance of the six spirits gets broken and the world is about to be covered with darkness. A few adventurers arrived at the continent where the demon exists. This is a story they challenge the demon.




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Battle Image 1 Battle Image 2 Battle Image 3
  • It is a turn-based tactics battle. All of your units can act once during the turn
  • Units can move, attack, and recover. Sometimes the attacked side be counterattacked
  • Although victory conditions may vary from stage, basically it is to defeat the enemy's leader before your leader is defeated
  • Every time attacks and recoveries are done, EXP will be raised and the level will be raised. The same applies to enemies.



Map Image 1 Map Image 2
  • You can go to the blue circle (base) connected by a line from your current location
  • You can also go to a small green circle (way-off) on the way
  • It will be a battle where the yellow surprising mark appears
  • Once you win the base, you can not rematch until you achieve a certain condition. But, you can rematch at way-off on the way at any time

Character list

Character list Image
  • You can check the status of all characters and you can change the equipment when not battle
  • You can switch participation / non-participation in battle with "Rest" and "Entry" button. In that case, please be careful as the leader may change
  • To change equipment, first select a character. Four equipment frames are displayed, so tap on one. Since a list of items that can be equipped is displayed, select the one of them
  • During battle you can select the unit with "Action" button

Item list

Item list Image
  • A list of all items you are able to get
  • Items that are displayed in blue are stocked, so you can equip them with characters
  • To equip it, first select an item. Since the faces of the equippable character are displayed, tap any one. Four equipment frames are displayed, so tap on one


Setting Image
  • Various settings for smooth progress of game are possible

Load screen

Load screen 1 Load screen 2
  • You can have 3 save data. Please select the data you want to load. Saving will be done automatically
  • "Save to server" is useful for backing up data and changing the model of the terminal
  • You can also delete data with "Remove" button. Data on the net-saved server will not be lost.
  • You can select "New game" or "Load from server" if there is no saved data. You need a password of server-saved-data for load from server


  • The unit gets more EXP (experience value) as the enemy level is higher. Let's raise the level of each character evenly in consideration of it
  • Considering the range of the enemy's equipment, If you attack from outside the range you will not receive a counterattack
  • If you capture only the base, you can clear the game in the shortest, but if it is difficult, let's raise the level on the way off the way


  • Let's complete the war history
  • When you defeat the demon, places you can go will unlock. All bases other than Demon's castle become rematchable, and if you capture them again, you can rematch the demon
  • Each time you defeat the demon, the level of the enemies rise. Let's try challenging how many times.
  • There are many nice illustrations, videos, novels, music, doujinshi goods etc. by the artists on the net. Let's search with "Tenmillion"

Special thanks

  • First Seed Material http://refmap.wixsite.com/fsm-material - Unit and Map tip images
  • Twelve constellation fragments - Effect images
  • https://ki-rokoubou.booth.pm/ - Face images, etc
  • Escape http://escape.client.jp/index.html - Item icon images
  • http://fayforest.sakura.ne.jp/ - Button UI images
  • Rittor Music, others - Sounds
  • Powerd by Ccos2d-x
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