Dungeon RPG -Abyssal Dystopia-
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icon Humankind is on the verge of extinction after being overrun by monsters.




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Your village was destroyed by monsters, and you lost all your friends. Aim for the abyss in the sage's labyrinth and unravel all the mysteries and your destiny.

Recommended for people like this:
- I want to level up more and more and enjoy RPG easily
- I want to collect many monsters and items and enjoy the RPG for a long time.
- I want friends and various people to see the characters I raised
- I want to avoid waiting for a long time to download additional data.

- It's very deep. Monsters wander around and you can pick up items. When you find the stairs, go to the next floor.
- If you tap the map on the upper right of the screen, you can see the whole map of that floor. Auto mapping convenient for traversing.
- Beware of floors with various traps.

- 114 monsters with beautiful graphics. (as of Ver.1.4) New monsters will be added in the future.
- You can enjoy various strategies for each monster with various abilities. (you can also easily capture with auto)
- Several types of boss class enemies are available. There is also a metal type enemy with a huge amount of experience points.

- Take quests to earn rewards, increase fame and solve mysteries.
- Most quests have no time limit. Let's keep receiving.
- You can also leave quests that are not essential for capture.

- You can freely change jobs at any time after opening the shrine.
- As you progress through the strategy, advanced classes will be unlocked.
- Each profession has its own characteristics and needs.
- It is also possible to complete in the first job to the end.

- 133 equipment as of Ver.1.0. More will be added in the future.
- In addition to raising stats, there are also equipment with various abilities.
- There are also equipment for each job, so choose based on compatibility with skills and attributes.

- More than 200 skills as of Ver.1.0.
- In addition to magic, there are various types such as weapon skills and those that automatically activate or increase abilities.
- Let's think about which skills to take for each job.

- Make parties with other player's characters, and have your characters join them to get rewards and fame.
- It is also possible to proceed quickly with the auto and full tank functions. Enemy level can be changed in 5 stages at any time.
- if you play carefully, you can enjoy hundreds of hours.
- New quests, monsters, and weapons will be added in the future, so please look forward to it.
- Can be played offline. *Some functions, such as hiring other players, cannot be used.
- I will continue to fix bugs and make improvements. Please feel free to give me your opinion.

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