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icon An RPG where you travel the world changing job classes and befriend allies.
There's plenty of replay value after your first playthrough, such as hidden dungeons and an arena.
Pit your team against other players around the world.
For those that don't want to grind, we recommend the Easy mode.

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Walkthrough, World Map Alchemist Wind Tower 5F Light and Dark Cave

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In a world on the brink of rule by monsters, imperial forces engage in mysterious research and activities in a bid to reclaim its former glory.
With high admiration for the empire, youth and races from the outlying region flock there to join its cause.
Will they be able to defeat the monsters??What is the empire's true intentions??

Description of status name

MHPMaximum HPCan't fight if it is 0.
MMPMaximum MPCan't use the magic if it is 0.
ATKAttack powerIt affects damage to enemies by physical attack.
DEFDefense powerIt affects defense against enemy's physical attack.
AGLAgilityIt affects the order of action and the number of actions may increase.
MGCSorceryIt affects magic attack.
SPRSpiritIt affects magic defense.

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  • 十二星座の欠片
  • しげるさん
  • すずのやさん
  • テトラさん
  • 飛世吉さん
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  • Loose Leaf
  • DotWorld
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