Billionaire Quest

Game Screen

Travel around the map through various spaces starting at the Start space. Most spaces are Property spaces. There are also various Event spaces.

Property Space

The Property name, along with Rent, amount Invested, and other information is displayed according to its status. It will be colored according to its owner (if present), and its appearance will change as its Property level increases through investments.

Character Piece

Current player positions. All player pieces are placed at the start at the beginning of the game and move clockwise around the board according to the number displayed on Dice Cards.

Dice Card

Displays the die (number of move spaces) and destination.
Select 1 card out of the 4 in possession to use when it's your turn. You will be given a replacement card on your next turn. Cards are drawn in order from 1 to 6.

Player Info

Displays the player picture, name, current lap count, current ranking, Dice Cards in hand, money in possession, property investment total, and total assets.
The player name and character can be changed if it is the player character (in Custom Play).